Cougar Cars


Cougar Catamarans also produces Aluminium Catamarans for the commercial market, these vessels are manufactured from a budget commercial finish right through to a fully faired and painted luxury version depending upon client requirement.

We will build from 18m through to 40m in Aluminium and have many designs from passenger ferries, car/passenger ferries, patrol, police, search and rescue, barge and if required any style which our Naval Architects can produce to suit your needs.

Length                   24m
Beam                     8.5m
Draft                      1.35m
Machinery              MTU 2000 V12 M70
                              2 x 1055hp
Propulsion              Propellers
Performance         30kts Cruise
Survey                    BV Coastal
Passengers            180  

Low Wash Passenger Catamaran 24 Meter LOW WASH 24M

Length                   24m
Beam                    7.76m
Draft                      1.4m
Machinery             Cummings N143M
                               2 x 525hp
Propulsion             Propellers
Performance        24kts Cruise
Survey                 1C 1D Coastal
Passengers         1D 196  

Sea Cat 24 Meter Aliminium Catamaran SEACAT 24M

Length                   24m
Beam                     9m
Draft                      1.8m
Machinery              MTU SERIES 60
                               2 x 650hp
Propulsion             Propellers
Performance        24kts Cruise
Survey                   IC
Passengers          250  



Length                   27m
Beam                     9.5m
Draft                      1.5m
Performance        30kts Cruise
Survey                  BV Coastal
Passengers          250


Length                   32m
Beam                     9.5m
Draft                      1.7m
Performance        30kts Cruise
Survey                   BV Coastal  
Passengers           300

Sea CAt 33 Meter Aluminium Catamaran SEACAT 33M

Length                   33m
Beam                     8.8m
Draft                      1.1m
Performance         30kts Cruise
Survey                   Coastal  
Passengers          252


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